5 Proven Interview Hacks That Will Land You The Job

One of the most common pitfalls for job seekers is assuming that their skills and experience alone will secure their dream job. However, this is not always the case.

While having the required qualifications and expertise is certainly important, there is one key factor that can truly set you apart from the competition – BEING UNFORGETTABLE, because to stand out from the crowd and land your desired role, you must make a lasting impression on potential employers.

It’s important to understand that hiring decisions often hinge not only on a candidate’s qualifications but also on how memorable they are to the hiring team. In most cases candidates that go on to land roles do so because the hiring team couldn’t get them out of their minds

So, if you are hoping to make yourself stand out to recruiters and increase your chances of landing the job, you are in great luck. In just a moment, you’ll learn five crucial tips that will guarantee you a 100% success rate in any interview session.

Let’s get started



1) Master the art of telling your story

This is the first and most important step, and this is because you’ll only be remembered for telling your story in an interesting and relatable way.

Therefore, in order to become great at this, ensure you study storytelling and practice your stories in the mirror, it is very effective.

Do you know why this works so well? Well, that is because everyone speaks about their experience, but very few can communicate it memorably.

So by improving on this one thing, you’ll have outperformed 80% of your competition already, and this is just the first step.

Now let’s take it further and look at the next step.



2) Become an investigator

Becoming an investigator is just as important as the first step if you’re to achieve the goal of becoming memorable. So here’s what to do;

You need to scour the internet and learn everything you can about the company, and here are your best sources of information;

  • Their webpage
  • LinkedIn
  • Google

Even though having this information will help you create better informed answers, the major edge this gives you is showing the Hiring Manager that you’re truly interested.

Hiring managers absolutely love a candidate who speaks about the research they’ve done on the company, and if you can present your facts, you’ll increase your chances by a mile.

Bonus tip: tell them your 3 favorite things you read about them



3) Know how to answer the final question

Every interview always ends with the same question “Tell me why you’re the best candidate for this position”.

This is the most important question of the interview, and unfortunately many job seekers have lost great opportunities because they couldn’t answer this question convincingly.

As difficult as it might look, it’s very easy to answer, so come on, let me show you how to ace it every single time.

The trick to answering this question should be about your uniqueness. You see, every other candidate will answer this question by saying they’re driven, hardworking, teamplayers, e.t.c

These answers have become very boring and unconvincing. Rather, ensure to respond to the question by stating what makes you;

  • unique
  • different
  • legendary


4) Ask killer questions

So you know how at the end of interview sessions, you’ll be asked if you have questions? Don’t make the mistake and be like most people saying there’s none.

Hiring managers have noted that for the few that happen to ask questions, they mostly ask about;

  • turnaround time
  • training, and
  • salary

But, these do not in any way help you. Instead of asking these common questions, here are 3 distinct questions that will keep you in the mind of recruiters;

a) What’s the biggest challenge facing the team today?

b) What does greatness look like in this role?

c) What has your career looked like at this company?

The last one gets them to talk about themselves, which ironically makes them remember you.



5) Communicate your passions

When talking about why you want the job, don’t be like everyone else. Everybody wants more money, promotions, opportunities and so on

But to blend in, you have to speak about growing your career, and communicate this passion effectively because hiring managers love candidates who know what they’re passionate about.

Therefore, tell them how this position aligns with your passions and how you will gain fulfillment in the position.

This sends the message that you will work hard because you’ll love what you’re doing.




So there you have it, these 5 hacks have been proven to help candidates ace interview sessions and land career and life changing roles.

Remember that as a candidate, your number one priority is to make yourself memorable, So if I were you, I’d start implementing these steps in order to land amazing jobs.

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