Emotional Intelligence In An Agile Workspace

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3 years ago flexible work options were granted to a minority of workers- primarily parents and senior employees. Fast forward to today and flexible work is a requirement. The COVID-19 pandemic brought some unexpected changes to the landscape of the workplace.

The workplace is undergoing ever-evolving changes as we adapt to the new-normal flexibility of work post-Covid. Business leaders have to ensure they are on top of the rapid changes occurring in the world of work.

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The employer/employee relationship needs to be handled with utmost care because a wrong email or tone can cause friction in the workplace. This is not to say that employers should walk on eggshells with employees but to evaluate and adapt to the current business atmosphere.

With the instability and fragile state of work post-Covid, businesses need to adopt an agile framework and apply this to their processes, systems, and structures. An agile workplace has agile employees and it needs to have an elegant relationship with its employees.

Company Culture

Company culture differentiates businesses between positive culture and negative (toxic) culture. Negative company culture is self-explanatory, it’s divisive and alienating, and a toxic company culture results in a high turnover rate of employees.

With the world moving to a permanent hybrid mode of work, creating a positive company culture is more challenging. Team building sessions are mostly virtual, employees communicate via software and some employees do not even know their colleagues besides their names and pictures.

  Cultivating a positive company culture in a modern workplace involves striving to make all employees feel connected and included. This can be done by organising genuine team-building sessions that can enrich employees emotionally and psychologically.

Emotional Intelligence

Agile organisations understand that they dictate the pace of work and the atmosphere at work, this means that they have the power to prevent burnout, disconnect, and isolation.

An agile organisation is a team that can rapidly adapt to the changing world of work, with resilience, intent, and collaboration.

Being an emotionally intelligent organisation means that you are self-aware, self-managing, relationship-managing, and socially aware.

Therefore whilst preparing your organisation to become agile, the major focus should be placed on building resilience in your employees and increasing their emotional intelligence.

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