How To Create A Successful Job Search Strategy

With the current realities of present day Nigeria when it comes to lack of opportunities, finding the right job can be a very daunting task. Many job seekers often find themselves lost amidst a sea of job listings, unsure of how to navigate the process effectively and get themselves employed. This problem even extends beyond the unemployed job seekers as many employed professionals get stuck at jobs not because they want to be there, but because they’re simply clueless about how to get their next opportunity.

But the key to overcoming this challenge lies in crafting a well-thought-out job search strategy, and in this article, we will delve into the essential steps and proven techniques that will empower you to create a successful one which will set you on the path to career success. We’ve outlined the steps required to achieve this into 7 essential ones, and we’ll be proceeding to shed light on them below.


Steps required to create a successful job search strategy

Step 1: Define your goals and identify your strengths

Before embarking on your job search journey, you need to take some time for introspection and clearly define your career goals, aspirations, and the specific industry or field you want to explore. Then you must proceed to understand your strengths, skills, and unique value proposition that sets you apart from other candidates. Through this self-reflection, you’ll be able to narrow down your job search and focus on opportunities aligned with your long-term objectives.

Step 2: Craft an impressive resume and cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter are your first impressions on potential employers, therefore, you have to tailor your resume to highlight relevant experience, skills, and achievements that demonstrate that you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Your resume/cover letter must be in a professional format, and you also have to ensure your documents are error-free and easy to read. In addition, your cover letter should be compelling and showcase your passion for the role, but most importantly, it must be personalized for each application, addressing the company’s needs and explaining how you can contribute.

Step 3: Leverage online job search platforms

Every ready job seeker should be ready to harness the power of online job search platforms, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, to explore a vast range of job opportunities. To get started with this, create a compelling online profile that reflects your professional brand, then actively engage with industry groups, connect with professionals, and leverage networking opportunities within these platforms. We can assist in getting your LinkedIn revamped right away, just click here to get started. After doing all these, you then need to stay updated with the latest job postings and utilize advanced search features to narrow down your options based on location, salary, or specific keywords.

Step 4: Network, Network, Network

Networking remains one of the most effective ways to uncover hidden job opportunities. We recently shared a super guide that helps you unlock the power of networking and you can access it right away here. Networking is so important because with a strong network, you are opening doors to opportunities that might not be advertised publicly.

Step 5: Research and company targeting

Here’s the point at which you need to take the time to research potential employers and companies you’re interested in, to understand their culture, values, mission, and recent news. With this information, you’ll be able to tailor your application materials to align with the company’s goals and demonstrate your knowledge of their organization. You can utilize informational interviews to gain insights from current employees and learn more about the company’s work environment, because demonstrating a genuine interest in the company can set you apart from other candidates.

Step 6: Ace the interview process

Preparing for interviews is crucial for success, and as a platform that helps professionals and job seekers succeed, we shared an insightful article on interview hacks to impress recruiters and land jobs. You can click here to access it and practice the tips in order to become a master at interviews. Nowadays, virtual interviews have taken prominence, however, if you’re attending a physical interview, then ensure you dress professionally, maintain good eye contact, and exhibit positive body language. Following up with a thank-you note after the interview is a courteous gesture that leaves a lasting impression.

Step 7: Continuously learn and adapt

Job search strategies evolve with time, therefore staying up to date with industry trends, technological advancements, and new job search techniques are paramount. You should definitely ensure to attend professional development workshops and consider expanding your skill set through our online courses or certifications. You can also take advantage of our career advisory to keep staying up to date with the new cultures and trends.


Creating a successful job search strategy is not an overnight task; it requires careful planning, perseverance, and compliance to the steps we’ve highlighted . So whether you’re looking for your next opportunity or you’re actively making adjustments on your CV and other professional documents, we’re always here to assist. Use our job board to access regularly updated opportunities or visit our website to get professional assistance.