Interview Etiquettes For Applicants

So getting that interview invite means that on some level you have gotten the attention of the recruiter. Even though your resume got you the invite, your etiquettes will determine how far you will go in the recruitment process. Selling one’s self and or skills doesn’t come naturally to most people, therefore a lot of people are nervous, fidgety and make certain blunders.

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There are some tips on what to do to impress your interviewer and scale through the interview:

  • Timing matters always; don’t be late for an interview because it shows that you don’t think the meeting is important enough. Arriving on time gives you enough time to relax and puts you in the right state of mind. However, coming early is good but do take care not to be too early because you might be intruding on the recruiter’s time.
  • Your dressing matters. You will be addressed the way you are dressed; so therefore dress to impress. It shows you are willing to put in the effort even if there dressing policy is casual. Dress in a formal way, neatly, take a shower and endeavor to smell nice.
  • Don’t forget to go with your resume and credentials even if you sent copies to the recruiter already.
  • Have a firm handshake; not too hard or too soft, make sure your palms are not clammy it gives the impression of confidence and that you are nervous. 
  • If you are offered a glass of water, please accept and have some because it shows you are calm and collected. It can also give you valuable time to collect thoughts when asked a question.
  • Make sure that your phone(s) is turned off or on silent mode for the duration of the interview and if you forget to turn it off or it is on vibrate please don’t ignore if it rings. Pick it up, switch off immediately and apologize to the interviewer(s)
  • Smile; not the forcefully toothy grin but a pleasant and natural smile. A smile can make you seem more approachable and relatable.
  • Treat everyone you meet with respect from the gate man to the CEO. That is just common decency.
  • Be the first to greet
  • Use proper titles when addressing people at the interview and names if you know them, people love to hear the sound of their names 
  • Sit down only when you are told to, it is impolite and makes you uncomfortable if your interviewer is still on his/her feet while you are standing
  • Let the interviewer finish speaking before you do; you are in the room to participate so let the interviewer take the lead.
  • Keep your eyes off the clock or your wristwatch, it shows you are impatient and have something better you think you can be doing
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Another important etiquette is Body language 

A lot of deductions can be made from your body language and it can convey a different message that you intend to pass across. Take note of the following things

  • Sit up straight and don’t slouch
  • Don’t cross your arms instead fold your hands neatly on your laps
  • Don’t play your legs about mostly guys
  • Maintain good eye contacts but don’t stare for too long
  • Don’t point or gesticulate 
  • Don’t fidget or stare around the room
  • Always be prepared; at least be able to answer cliché questions such as tell me about yourself or what will be your contribution to this company, tell me your greatest strength/weakness, where do you see yourself in 5 years etc. and do your research on the company
  •  Don’t overshare like complaining about previous employers, talking about family or relationship issues. There’s a thin line between bonding with the interviewer and oversharing.
  •  Send a follow up email to say thank you for the interviewer’s time

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